Congratulations to the New PRSSA National Committee

I’m using Sunday as my day of rest from my computer, but I wanted to congratulate the new PRSSA National Committee, as well as the 2008-2009 Committee for a year of amazing progress and advancing the student Society.

I’m currently working with the new PRSSA National President to show how public relations students can utilize the newly elected members on an individual basis. Check back for that post annoucement sometime this week. 

Taking office on June 1 will be:
~known twitter addresses are linked~ 

PRSSA National President
Rebecca Timms (Rowan University)

Immediate Past President
Brandi Boatner (Hawaii Pacific University)

Vice President of Chapter Development
Kion Sanders (University of North Carolina — Charlotte)

Vice President of Regional Activities
Jenna Huskinson (Wayne State University)

Vice President of Internships/Job Services
Mike Wilson (Brigham Young University)

Vice President of Professional Development
Nick Lucido (Michigan State University)

Vice President of Member Services
Mary Rose Macaranas (Georgia State University)

Vice President of Advocacy
Janelle Huelsman (Ohio University)

Vice President of Public Relations
Jason Sears (University of Texas — Austin)

FORUM Editor-in-Chief
Patrick Hernandez (Brigham Young University)

~note: hidden icon in hawaii and two members in provo, utah~


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