#FeedbackFriday — Biggest Communication Strength/Weakness

I’d like to try something this morning. Instead of attempting to give you some words of wisdom, I’d like to poll my wonderful readers to spot any trends among the public relations student/young professional communities.

If it goes over well, and you give me lots of feedback, great. Next week, we’ll do the same , and I’ll even design a snazzy logo for the segment. If not, I’ll bake up another advice column. Let me know if you have ideas for the next #FeedbackFriday question.

Feel free to expand on your answers in the comments section below.

#FeedbackFriday #1


3 thoughts on “#FeedbackFriday — Biggest Communication Strength/Weakness

  1. Hey Ry!

    Long time…

    I’ve been reading your blog lately and I really like it. It seems to be a great reference site for students. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying and learning from it also. I’m desperately trying not to forget everything I learned in college. Of course, my emphasis was in print journalism, but I still took the PR classes and absolutely enjoyed them. Your columns are helping me recall things I learned and have forgotten. I also like this Friday poll idea. My comm. skills are strongest in interviews, I think. I always got nervous to give interviews, but managed to do quite well. I guess I like getting to know people. My weakest in is pitching media. Although I enjoy pitching my ideas, I feel that I never got enough practice. Plus, I find that I usually tend to ramble while pitching. At least when I write, I can revise and revise again until things are short and sweet.

    Love the site! It looks great!

  2. Ryan,

    This is a great new edition. I selected pitching the media as a weakness because as a student, I’ve found it hard to sell a great story, simply because I’m a student. When it comes to pitching, I think you it comes down to how credible of a source you are. This is based off the company you’re representing, past events/releases, relationships etc.

  3. I like the poll idea, Ryan, and especially hearing from other young professionals and students. When it comes to pitching media, I wonder how much things will change in the coming years with the rise of online media and the decline of print. Will our pitches be less wordy, more direct, and result from a relationship we built with a reporter online? So far, I find online relationships to be beneficial; everyone is of the same mind and striving for the same goal: networking.

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