Learn to Pitch

Looking at the results from the poll I posted earlier this month, it appears about half of you say pitching is the weakest part of your PR repertoire. Here is my challenge to you — differentiate yourself from the pack and make it your strongest skill.

As an intern and entry level practitioner, you’ll be judged on a lot of things. Your supervisors will take notice of your writing ability, timeliness, attention to detail and time management. Common sense is another crucial attribute.

The agency you will be interning with more than likely will have account executives with plenty of media contacts and pitching experience. That said, you might start out with limited pitching opportunities. It’s imperative for your professional development to make the most of your pitching assignments — even if it is pitching calendar editors. What this will show is you have determination to stay on a media contact and that you know the campaign well enough to describe it to someone and answer their questions about it.

Once your supervisors realize you’re holding your own in the shallow end, they might give you a chance to tread water in some deeper water, pitching some smaller market outlets.

The trend continues — if you continue to produce, you’ll be building a great case for your full-time hire and will move on to bigger markets. Equally important, you’ll have built a number of new relationships for future pitching and will have a good number of clips for your portfolio.

Pitching is what you make of it. While your primary job will include the grunt work, you control the amount of pitching you’ll be assigned. Become a master — Google PR pitching, read the Bad Pitch Blog, learn from colleagues and above all, practice.


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