Blog for PR Students

Blogging for PR Students became a hobby when I realized how many people helped me on my journey.

Teachers, friends, family, mentors and industry professionals all took time to help cultivate my personal and professional development. I am in their debt.

Since my junior year, I’ve wanted to become a PR professor after “retiring” so that I may give students the same opportunities my wonderful mentors gave me. A few months ago I thought, “Why do I have to wait until I’m 50+ to get involved in helping PR students?”

In fact, it’s possible I am in a better position to mentor students more so now than later considering I’m not too far removed from being in your shoes. Trust me — I’ve been there and then some.

I don’t do this for money; I don’t do it for publicity. I have a genuine interest in building a strong and able industry from the bottom up. I welcome your questions and thank those who have taken me up on my offer.

I also thank those who have helped me on my journey.


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