Come Recommended

Let’s face it — now isn’t the easiest time for PR students to break into the industry as entry-level practitioners. It can be done, but outside of internships, I haven’t received many “OMG, Ryan!” e-mails.

Students using my 16-point checklist know building an extensive network is crucial in finding a job in today’s economic climate.

Build an extensive network. If you know you’re moving to Los Angeles after you graduate, connect with students and agencies in the area. If you’re a PRSSA member, create a relationship with an L.A. Chapter. A network is pointless if you can’t reap the benefits of having one.

The most important piece of advice under the networking bullet is the last sentence. A network is pointless unless you leverage and tap into it.

Come Recommended

Come Recommended gives you the perfect opportunity to leverage and tap into the network you worked hard to create.

Self-described as an “exclusive online community connecting the best internship and entry-level job candidates with the best employers,” Come Recommended requires its student / young professional members to solicit three recommendations from former employers, professors or industry professionals before being accepted.

From an industry perspective, Come Recommended is raising the bar for PR students.
Now, it becomes a contest among students to solicit the most impressive recommendations. Obviously, three recommendations from peers won’t hold as much clout as a managing partner, a PRSA Chapter President and the dean of the journalism / marketing department.

From a student perspective, Come Recommended is raising the bar for the PR industry.
Not so fast, employers.  Before having access to some of the most qualified PR students in the country, employers have to come up with three recommendations from current and former interns or young professionals. This feature shows me Come Recommended is looking out for students, screening out employers that don’t value the professional development of their interns.

~Behind Come Recommended~

Heather Huhman
Heather Huhman

Heather Huhman, the best in the business when it comes to helping PR students and young pros with their journeys, is the brains behind the exclusive community. A daily national columnist for, Heather’s audience ranges from high school students to recent college graduates.

From personal experience, Heather gives her undivided attention to help you achieve your goals. She gives the best advice, because she is a seasoned veteran to the hiring manager practice.

When it comes to Heather Huhman and her newest endeavor, she “comes recommended” by the footprints blog.

~still looking for work / experience?~
For all of you who say work simply isn’t out there, please take note. Come Recommended is looking to fill several positions for the summer and fall sessions. Take a look at the Careers page on Come Recommended. Also, stay up to date on news and career tips with Heather Huhman and Come Recommended on Twitter

Current opportunities include:

Public & Media Relations Assistant

Fall 2009 internships:
Media Relations Intern (2)
Editorial Content Intern
Corporate Relations Intern (2)
Campus Ambassador (25)


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