Save Money by Renting Textbooks

Chegg_logo_v3One of my agency’s newest client-partners,, is a relatively new service (since August 2007), offering students the option to rent their textbooks opposed to buying them at marked-up prices.

On average, renting from will save a student 65-85 percent, and with the following promotional code, you can add on some extra savings. Simply use “CC100045” when checking out to redeem the coupon.

“Chegg” it out for yourself to see if you’d save any money and be sure to tell your friends if you like.

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One thought on “Save Money by Renting Textbooks

  1. 5% Off Entire Order Promo Code: CC100221

    Who wants to pay a wad of cash for textbooks? Not yours truly. I’m Chegging, baby.

    Seriously, go to where you can rent textbooks rather than buy them. You’ll save between 65%-85%. Yes, I’m serious.

    Just search for the books you need and order. Chegg ships them to you super fast and when your term ends you just ship them back for free. And guess what? They plant a tree for every book that’s rented. Pretty cool.

    BUT – make sure you use this special promo code: CC100221. You’ll get an extra 5% off your order. You can use the code as many times as you need. Please recommend the site and we encourage you to share the code to family and friends. Enough said… I personally saved about $350.00 last semester and $400 this semester.

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