Young Professional of the Year

Thanks to the support of so many in my life, as well as the opportunities I’ve been proactive to pursue, the Charlotte Chapter of PRSA named me the 2010 Young Professional of the Year on Wednesday.

PRSSA and PRSA remain important focuses in my life. The two societies have done so much for my professional life, and I hope my continued participation can equally help others in the profession.

Here’s a quick look at what my membership has been able to add to my brand:

  • Established a great national network of peers while at Arkansas Tech
  • Provided national leadership experience while I served on the PRSSA National Committee my senior year
  • Allowed me to network with professional speakers at national conferences, leading to an internship at Taylor
  • Assisted with the professional transition to a new city post graduation
  • Created a role for me to lead other young professionals and PR students in Charlotte
  • Recognized my efforts as the PRSA Charlotte 2010 Young Professional of the Year

In addition to these organizations, I’m so grateful to work at Taylor, where I’m consistently given opportunities to perform above my title. The confidence my supervisors have in me have made me much more confident as a professional. I’ve learned a great deal from everyone in the office, and the relationships I’ve established are unlike any other in my short professional career.

This award will be a pretty neat way to help illustrate 2010 in my story book.

A few pictures of the evening:

Photos courtesy of Nealie Stufflet


4 thoughts on “Young Professional of the Year

  1. Such an awesome and well-earned reward…. I’m so proud and happy for you, Ryan Casey…. my cup runneth over. :)

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