If I were to coin a word of the year for 2010, it would be “tenacity.” I’ve caught myself using it on a regular basis lately, so why not feature a post for the word?

I’m not going to do the cheesy thing where I give the Webster Dictionary’s definition. Instead, I want discuss what it means to me and why tenacity is the one characteristic that will separate young professionals from colleagues who just do not have it.

First, what does it really mean? To be tenacious is to have heart, persistence and resolve. It means you won’t quit on an outlet after an initial “no.” A tenacious practitioner will find out why the pitch was a no-go and use that information to pitch another reporter / producer at the outlet.

I think most importantly, tenacious practitioners don’t do this for our bosses. We do it to feed the competitiveness inside of us. At the end of the day, I’m comforted knowing I did everything I could, even if the ultimate answer was “no.”

Those new to media relations will soon learn, if you haven’t already, that we get turned down more than we get placements. It can be frustrating, but the feeling of landing a great placement wouldn’t be near as sweet if it was an easy job. And to earn a placement with a tenacious effort is even more rewarding.

Photo courtesy of planetcaveman.wordpress.com


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