Finding Balance: A little about me

Pencils down. This is really just about my life outside of work.

A lot of times, I catch myself thinking about work way after hours. It’s especially tough with a media tour approaching on my calendar — that Outlook to-do item creeping higher and higher on my list.

As important as your job is, it’s equally important to be able to find an off switch. I’ve discovered a few:

  • Sports (surprise, surprise) — I had to get Mr. Obvious out of the way. Sports have been in my life for as long as I can remember. I don’t consider myself a guru of any one sport, but I pride myself on knowing quite a bit about most sports. Most recently (about three years ago), I developed a big passion for mixed martial arts (MMA). People laugh, as this doesn’t really reflect my personality, but I got caught in the craze when I realized the athletes were everyday people. Watching with a trained eye, you see technique, not just brutality. I had the chance to meet Dana White (President / Owner of the UFC). He gave me four tickets to see the show here in Charlotte earlier this year.

  • My new puppy — Yeah, I got a puppy about a month ago with my girlfriend, Allison. We adopted a three-month-old shelter dog, and we named her Happy. She really fits the bill. It’s been easier for me to flip the switch with a 12-pound rascal prancing around the house. She’s been a barrel of fun to come home to.

  • Chess — The ultimate mind game, there’s nothing that will get your mind off a media tour faster than an intense game of chess with a worthy opponent. I played sore winner after this beat down of my old roommate, Jon. I knew this photo would come in handy!

  • Books on tape — Yeah, I do enough reading during the day, so when it comes to fiction, I tend to stick to audio books. They’re great in the car, especially after a long day in the office. I’m about to finish my first Harlan Coben novel, “Deal Breaker.” The lead character, Myron Bolitar, is a sports agent who gets caught up in all sorts of crime mysteries.

  • Mad Men / Breaking Bad — I can’t get enough of my AMC. I first got into “Mad Men” during the second season, and I discovered “Breaking Bad” earlier this year. Both series are smart, compelling and hilarious. It doesn’t hurt that they have some of the best actors / writers in television. I’ve never been one to follow a show too closely, but I’m absolutely hooked on these two. Click the links above for trailers.


4 thoughts on “Finding Balance: A little about me

  1. Great post, Ryan! the work/life balance is something I have been struggling with lately and am in the process of trying to find other things to occupy my time.

  2. So true! Balance is important in everything, especially when it comes to work. Glad to see you got a puppy! A content, tail-wagging dog waiting for you to come home is a great remedy for a tough day at work.

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