What Classes Didn’t Teach Me About My First Job

Over the summer I was asked to continue my young pros column in PRSSA’s national newspaper, FORUM. Since transitioning from editor of the publication to the professional world, I’ve had a terrific opportunity to continue my byline as a columnist.

This year’s editor, Amy Bishop (Indiana University), has been a pleasure to work with, and her team’s first issue is an absolute knockout. The design is clean (huge fan of the single-column sidebars), the content is diverse (a mix of PRSSA news, college advice, job-seeking tips, feature articles and local Chapter development best practices) and everything is well-written.

My column this go-around is “What Classes Didn’t Teach Me About My First Job.” Now that I’m 3+ years into my career, it’s neat to have a new perspective on my start in the industry. I’m to the point where the people I’ve helped train are now helping to train our interns and entry-level execs. Witnessing this “cycle of life” has been tangible evidence of my own career’s evolution. It was fun thinking back to my first few months at Taylor — the aha moments, as well as those moments of panic. I’ve learned quite a bit these last three years and am very fortunate to have some great mentors championing my career.

Photo credits to flikrs dolmansaxlil and crossettlibrary.


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