Plank Center’s Mentor Award

This has been a milestone year for me and my mentorship platform. The footprints blog is about to enter its fifth year of service, which means my original readership has completely rotated from college to the professional world. The continued support I receive through referrals means the world to me.

Providing mentorship is something I do, because I was one of you. I knew I had talent to be somebody, but I didn’t quite know what to do with it. As you may have read in my About section, my ambitions ranged across many industries, but mentors during my college career helped me pinpoint a career that I would succeed in — and I’d enjoy, as well. This played a huge role in my decision to create this blog and eventually offer my experience for one-to-one mentorship.

For my efforts, I was named this year’s Mentor Award winner in the Young Professionals category by the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations, an organization that does a tremendous job advancing the industry from its foundation — public relations education. The organization held its annual Milestones in Mentoring Awards night earlier this month in Chicago. I was certainly the black sheep out of the bunch, as the other winners (below) are household names when it comes to these occasions.

Legacy – Steve Harris, retired Vice President, Global Communications, General Motors

Executive – Jon Iwata, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, IBM

Corporate – Nick Ashooh, Vice President, Public Affairs, Alcoa

Agency – Margery Kraus, founder and CEO, APCO Worldwide

Educator – Dr. Elizabeth Toth, professor and Chair, Department of Communications, University of Maryland

It was an honor to be a part of such great company, but the part that meant the most came just before my moment on stage. My Taylor colleague, Taryn Parker, who works out of our Chicago office, introduced me with a speech I’ll never forget. Luckily the Plank Center posted the video to YouTube, because my words couldn’t do it justice. Jimmy, roll the tape…

I’m very proud to have this compass award on my mantle. It serves for everything I aim to provide my mentees — direction.

Featured photo credit and YouTube video goes to the Plank Center


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