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Balance in the Workplace

Originally published in PRSSA FORUM I come across articles a few times each year that rank public relations as one of the most stressful careers. The most recent list I could find put our chosen field in the same breath as enlisted military personnel, military generals, firefighters and commercial airline pilots. While I find it … Continue reading


Welcome to footprints

Just like many of you now, I was the college student who made a lot of sacrifices in exchange for a future. I led my student newspaper, participated in live TV news and co-hosted a sports radio show. I was also a PRSSA National Committee member my senior year, which continues to open the door … Continue reading


Where will your career take you…or vice versa?

Where will your career take you? Where will you take your career? These are two very similar, but not identical, questions that I feel are worth asking yourself. Allow me to explain. I’ll preface any opinions shared below as just that. Neither of the categories should be seen as the ideal or correct way to … Continue reading


Four common PR agency myths

Originally published in PRSSA FORUM I have had many opportunities this year to work with PRSSA members from across the country as part of my industry service. During mentor sessions, students often describe their job hunting progress and feelings toward different areas of public relations. It is evident that many myths are still looming across campuses, … Continue reading

Ryan at BCS Championship

The Best (and Worst) Aspects of My Job

Originally published on PRSSA Progressions blog In my past few speaking opportunities, a few of you have asked what my least favorite part of my job is, and I always applaud that curiosity. As future practitioners, it’s wise to understand not all of your responsibilities will be a highlight of your day. Don’t fret, footprinters. As … Continue reading

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